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Rob Bell on Christian Music
March 4, 2008, 4:09 pm
Filed under: Morning, Music

It is dangerous to label things “Christian”. The word Christian first appears in the Bible as a noun. The first followers of Jesus were called Christians because they had devoted themselves to living the way of the Messiah, who they believe was Jesus. Noun. A person. A person who follows Jesus. A person living in tune with ultimate reality, God. A way of life centered around a person who lives. The problem with turning the noun into an adjective and then tacking it onto words is that it can create categories that limit the truth…. It is possible for music to be labelled Christian and be terrible music. It could lack creativity and inspiration. The lyrics could be recycled cliches. That ‘Christian’ band could actually be giving Jesus a bad name because they aren’t a great band. – Rob Bell, Velvet Elvis

(Thanks P. Dave)


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well said. I need to read that book again

Comment by josh

That’s great.

Comment by Mark Thomas

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