Josh Brage

Just Tell Me…?
March 8, 2008, 1:15 am
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Thanks for telling me that you are going to stay home and ‘get some things done.’ Thanks for telling me that when your actual plans are a girls night. I wouldn’t have cared either way, but COME ON. Don’t tell me the fibs. Drop the fibs. Bitter? Too much?


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1) Did you just change your blog, again, in between my surfing?
2) As to this post, which I don’t understand, I suggest you see this

Comment by Mark

i think i know what this is about and said person did not join said girls night because said person had other things to do as said person said they had to do.

Comment by teresa

ok, well that is fine then. but I shant retract the post.

Comment by thehosh

MAN UP Sally!

Bowling with the guy’s or going with the girl? You have got to be kidding! Any red blooded American male is going to either…

Figure out how to go early with the girl. Announce “I think I’m going to call it an early night” and then meet the guys and convince them to just bowl a few more games as it is only midnight…
If they can’t have both they stay with the girl because she is kind of cute, Jonas has a 18 hour shadow, your brother has a beard, and frankly she is kind of cute.

MAN UP Sally! It’s the code!

Comment by mbrage

oh hoshi

Comment by teresa

thank you dad for your always present wisdom.

Comment by thehosh

Anything to help…you not sound like such a girl! LOL.

Comment by Mark

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