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That Thing You Do! Therapy
March 10, 2008, 2:41 pm
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Man, there are very few things that will automatically put me in a great mood – a Rockies game, the slightest mention of wings, ballcaps (on me or frankly anyone else,) frisbee and watching That Thing You Do!. We watched it last night and it was a great night. Sean covers the evening fairly well. Yes, I am Mr. White. I was wondering why. The answer is, I just am. It is a part of who I am. I thoroughly enjoy watching the success of something happen. I love being a part of something exciting and fun. I like to take care of people. Sometimes I am great at details. Sometimes I am not. Most of the time I know how to take care of people… most of the time. I am trying to get a lot better. Anyway, it makes me happy. I always cheer when Mr. White gives Jimmy the, ‘same person who said you had class’ business.


Who are you? Are you Jimmy? Far too serious, takes himself too seriously, uses people, talented, but a little disturbed? Are you Lenny? Immature and just along for the ride. Are you T.B. Player? Solid enough guy, but not always sure if you are going to stick around? Are you Guy? The smart one. The solid one. The one with vision both for the band and for after the band? Are you Mr. White? Are you Faye?

With all of this, I am feeling a strong sense of a calling towards maturity. I usually feel this way, but it seems more pervasive of me as of late. It seems like God is needing to me to ‘step up my game’ quickly. Maybe He needs me to do something sometime soon. Maybe. I will just keep chasing Him and trying my best to listen and obey. It is going to be a good week.

Here are a couple of songs to watch. (The other clip I found was Faye’s speech, but come on who needs to bawl this early on a Monday?)


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get ‘im Faye! That’s what I think every time!

Comment by Sean B.

AWESOME! Mark and I are totally convicted that we don’t own this movie. It’s a great American classic that will forever be in my heart.

Comment by Judi

I remember the first time we watched this, Josh. At a homeschool movie night! Pretty Rock-n-roll for those homeschoolers. Such a good movie…and I must say, I’d rate it as one of the best final kisses of today’s romantic comedies!

Comment by Mom

How cute of you and Sean to have matching blogs. Please show some variety or I will have to choose one over the other. Thanks.

Comment by Bone

I love that movie, Hoshi, and I love that you love it.

Comment by petercolon


Comment by obedientson

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