Josh Brage

March 14, 2008, 9:44 pm
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Throughout my WOLC training experience, one thing was drilled into my thinking – a standard of excellence. Excellence. Excellence. Excellence. Man, I am so grateful that this was drilled into my world! I see things and I very much want them to be great. It is ambition. It is a drive to get better. One of my problems is that it causes me to be slightly critical and oftentimes come off that way.

However, something that I often think about is hat do I really want to be excellent in . . . In some of the environments I have been in there is a natural desire to abandon excellence in relationships for excellence in the production elements.

PEOPLE~! People are the bottom line in ministry. It is important to realize that when it is all said and done, no one remembers how sharp something looks, how perfect the music sounds, how easy the logistics were. They remember who welcomed them. They remember how they felt they were treated. They remember that the leader remembered their name. They remember that leader who took the time to invest and care about their world.

Production elements. Those are interesting to me. I want to get better at them. I want to help ministries become excellent in the things that they are doing, but NOT at the expense of taking care of people. I want to make things/events sharp and presentable TO take care of people, not in spite of them.

So with this understanding, I have to observe and consider how I treat people when I am helping coordinate a Catalyst service. I need to think about why I am spending so much time making sure that some piece of production is JUST right. . . It is a valuable question.


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Josh, man, I love your honesty here. Great point!

Comment by JP

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