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Creative Chaos version 2 – Journey to the Cross
March 20, 2008, 5:01 pm
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This is my participation in Ragamuffinsoul’s Creative Chaos Thursdays

This past week, here at Catalyst has been about one thing and one thing only – Journey to the Cross. It is an amazing event. The word I have chosen to best describe the event is ambitious. P. Ben has done a phenomenal job of creating a powerful and some-what in your face Holy Week experience.

Let me explain. Journey to the Cross is much like a Haunted House, but done Jesus-style. Over the past week we have transformed the back hallways of this church into various scenes up through the death of Christ. The Journey starts with a guide taking you through the Gate of Jerusalem. Then we show you a carpenter’s shop. Then we have an Upper Room with a Last Supper prepared. The next scene increases in intensity with the Garden. You walk into this hallway and the chilled fog is hugging the ground, the air smells of trees and it is cold. Judas’ room is next. You begin to feel the emotion behind his decision and behind Christ’s decision to continue His journey. Next you go to the Roman Courtyard. Where there is blood everywhere, a whipping post, dust through the air, anger is everywhere. There is a stop where Jesus stumbles and you can feel the weight of the cross. Then, Golgotha. (Last night I didn’t have a chance to walk through it myself, but as I did get over there for a wrapup meeting about an hour after the event – the presence of God was still tangibly present and ‘heavy’ it is a very powerful experience. I had to take a minute and collect myself.) We end with the Death of Christ where His candle is extinguished.

It is a powerful experience. As people exited into our temporary cafe built with the intention of letting people sit for a moment before they head back out the doors. You could see look after look of just awe. You could see brokenness. There were some tears, but overall you just saw this look of subdued amazement at what Christ just went through. It is a great thing.

Here are some pics. We did our first night last night and we will open it up again on Good Friday. If you are in Denver, come on by and check it out – you will be blessed by it!


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JTTC is incredible. What else can I say?

Comment by seanmichaelbrage


Comment by Annette Budd

Hey man. That describes it right on. Thanks for all you did.
I didn’t go through it last year, so i highly recommend making one trip through cause i was in awe this year even though i know exactly all the behind the scenes details… God really shook me.

Comment by Evan

I love the way the shadows from the plants in the garden make it look like real sky instead of accoustic tile ceiling. Nice shotography, Hoshi.

Comment by petercolon

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