Josh Brage

Can’t Deny the Talent
March 25, 2008, 10:18 pm
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Wow. So you’re out of the closet? Is that what you’re saying?

Comment by petercolon

So whoever took the time and edited the white gem glove to be big like mickey mouse’s is a bigger loser than Jacko.

BUT… this is mostly lipsync work. No one can be so perfectly on pitch and match the song to such a tee while dancing that energetically. but he’s still fabulous. Peter peter peter.

Comment by Evan K

Ok, that is far to weird. The final post from Am Idol tonight was, allegedly, a different version of this song. Very strange these goings on. Very strange.

Comment by mbrage

i have always loved the black michael jackson. his first two albums were amazing! and no, you can’t deny the talent.

Comment by teresa

I have a secret obsession with MJ. When I was young I used to write letters to him everyday…how shameful!

Comment by Judi

great pop music.

Comment by josh

I showed this video to Chelsey and told her to tell me the first thing she saw that seemed a little weird. First she said he was black. Then she mentioned that he still had a nose. And then, I quote, “His mitten?” I can’t even tell you how hard I laughed!

Comment by daniellesutherland

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