Josh Brage

Can’t Deny the Power
March 26, 2008, 4:21 pm
Filed under: Friends
These are some of the boys from AuXano Master’s. I talked to one of them today, those were good times!
Moving left to right, Robbie is in St. Joe living the life and getting ready to settle down. Jacob is in Tulsa at ORU, engaged to Megan and doing fantastic! Jeremy is in Fort Dodge, married, leading worship, getting ready to launch a Master’s Commission next year. I am, well I am here. And JP is in Joe town thinking about moving out here! What a bunch of quality guys! We are all chasing Jesus and will be for a while. I am honored to know these guys!

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How old were you there, Hoshi? 8? 8 1/2?

Comment by petercolon

I will have you know that I was 19! Thank you very much. (But man, my voice cracked constantly!!)

Comment by thehosh

What do you mean “cracked?” I think you mean “cracks.” That would be a more accurate description.

Comment by petercolon

look at “pre-High Life” Hoshi!

Comment by seanmichaelbrage

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