Josh Brage

I Hate Feeling Dumb
March 27, 2008, 8:03 pm
Filed under: Fun

I hate playing games that make me feel dumb. Maybe I should get over it, but I hate it. Weeks ago when some friends were over they started playing, “Psychiatrist” this involves two people leaving the room and then coming back into a room full of people who know what is going on and forcing the two people to guess what is going on. Oh my gosh, I hate those games.

Then some other friends taught me a card game that involves trying to figure out the other people’s secret signal.

Why do I hate these games? Don’t know. But I do know that I HATE feeling stupid. I HATE feeling like I do not know what is going on! And I really hate feeling stupid, not knowing what is going on and being laughed at (even in fun.) Man, I hate it.

Should I grow up? Yeah, maybe. Will I? Not looking promising so far.


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At least you have a chance at winning those games. I hate games of chance. I love games where the only person I have to blame for my failure (or success) is myself.

Comment by petercolon

awe, josh! my sympathetic heart feels so bad for you. you should not let these cheesy games make you feel stupid! If anything, THEY are stupid! Right?? And the people who play them and love them are STUPID! Yeah! So you keep your chin up, there my friend.

Comment by Kate

Hey lets play HiYAH WaCHA! Fool.

Comment by obedientson

Wow. I feel kind of violated by that comment. I LIKE those games, and I don’t think I’m stupid. Thanks, Kate, whoever you are, for crushing my self esteem.

Comment by petercolon

I agree with you Hosh. Games like that are just an excuse for a group of people or a person to act superior, make people look dumb, and **** each other ***. And that’s my honest opinion.

Comment by Sean B.

hoshi, you just hold your head up high cause those other are kids are just jealous of you. you hear me? jealous!(it just seemed like a good mom thing to say for this post)

Comment by teresa

i like those games.
i think they’re funny.
you’ve always been a little weird though.

just kidding.
a little.

Comment by Kathie

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