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Busyness versus Satisfaction
March 31, 2008, 3:12 pm
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On Thursday I had a conversation with someone who was regaling me with her tales of being oh so very busy. I asked her, “Why are you so busy?” To which I got another run down of all the activities that she was involving herself with . . . school, working 3 different jobs, nannying, etc. . .  I asked her again, “But WHY do you keep yourself at a pace like this?” She answered, “Well, I guess I like to be busy.”

As the words, “I like being busy too” were coming out of my mouth my head said this, “No, you like being important.” Boom. Epiphany.

You see I have had my busy phases. My extremely busy phases. Back in Master’s it is not an exaggeration when I say that there were times where I put in 100 hours a week at that church. Even when I got back here, I kept myself occupied with a full-time job, a part-time job, etc. You see I am an over-commiter. I will always tell you, “Sure! I will do it!” That is my primary response to any need that I see arise.

Contrast that kind of lifestyle with my current one. I work very hard for Catalyst. But I generally only work 40 (sometimes 45) hours a week here. I do not have a part-time job (I could use one, but I am hoping that some design jobs free up and that I get good at it!) In fact, I live a pretty easy-going lifestyle right now – I get two Saturdays a week in that I am off every Friday!!! But you know what? I am very content right now. I am satisfied with my work, I feel fulfilled. I do not have to run around every free second I get and try to fill it with something else to avoid feeling inadequate.

My observation about MY LIFE has been that when I get ridiculously busy, when I feel myself “striving” that is a negative and unhealthy time for me. It seems to indicate a level of dissatisfaction in my life. It means I am not as close to God as I should be. In my life, it is showing me that I am not trusting God like I should be. Also, a lot of my very poor choices (bad relationship decisions, decisions to act in a way that  I shouldn’t, etc) come when I am in a BUSY phase. When I am feeling unfulfilled by the circumstances in my life.

So my warning, be careful of these phases of your life.

P. Ben preaches it like this: HALT. Stop whatever you are doing and don’t do anything stupid when you are Hurt Angry Lonely or Tired. HALT. Oh man. If I would heed this my poor choices ratio would drop by probably 85-92%. So remember HALT.

“He not busy being born is busy dying.” – Bob Dylan


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were you blogging about me?

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nope. I twas not! have a good week!

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