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Facebook Chat
April 23, 2008, 10:08 pm
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Hey, I really like Facebook Chat. It just appeared in my world today and I thoroughly enjoy it!

As I was using it today, I am continually blown away by how powerful Facebook is! It is awesome. I need to get a little more connected and use it to further some things that I am involved in, but something that I really want people to see/realize is that it is not just something that young people use to waste time. It is where they are living out their lives. Anyway, a lot of people have blogged a lot better information about Facebook.

Here is one example that I found today. It is an E-book by Chris Forbes titled Facebook for Pastors. It is really good, I breezed through it and realized that it is a GREAT starter for anyone who wants to know about Facebook and its community. I highly recommend that anyone who is in ministry take a couple of minutes to read through it. If you aren’t new to Facebook or networking online then just breeze through it and I bet a couple of pointers will be helpful. If you are a novice (or are handing it to a novice) then take some time and go through it. You will find it extremely beneficial.

On a personal level, I am ridiculously excited about what God is doing in my world right now. He is awakening so many areas of my life. He is piling vision and passion into my heart in a new way. He is beginning to awaken my heart to what I think He wants me to do and you know what that is? Everything that I love to do. You know how God works, He lets you fall in love with things. He lets you engage your heart into something that you truly love and then He uses it for His Kingdom. God doesn’t call us to go stuff that we hate to do – yes there are points of complete obedience which cause our flesh to die, but I am talking about something bigger – our very lives! God has created us with unique passions, gifts and excitements! What is so fantastic is that He then lets us go run with them! I will talk more in the coming weeks about a lot of the stuff that God is showing me about myself and who He has called me to be! But, you out there, be encouraged, be challenged – if you are in love with something – GO DO IT!

As Phil used to say, “Find whatever makes you pound your fist on the table, scream and stay up late crying and then go do that!”

I will be blogging more on this later! For now, I am just seeking the Lord and waiting on Him.

“A man’s gift will make room for him.” – Prov. 18


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Is it possible that someone has had a little too much caffeine today?

Comment by annettebudd

no caffeine. I am naturally caffeinated.

Comment by thehosh

I think that is so awesome about your passions, and Im not taking about the daytime Soap. As for the Facebook chat, i have to be careful, because I am at work. Its another temptation to not follow Col. 3:23

Comment by Bridget

Facebook Chat is awesome! I’m glad they added that app.
A few posts back you mentioned Taco Johns. Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that one! It’s not even worthy of being associated with real Mexican food! 🙂
Hope God’s blessing your ministry, dude. Take care.

Comment by Franklin

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