Josh Brage

My Opening Day 2008
May 3, 2008, 8:17 am
Filed under: Baseball; Rockies, Fun, High-Five, Morning, Walk with God

Last night was my opening day with my boys! It was awesome! There is no describing it, and you probably don’t understand unless you go with me, but I push through that turnstile and something happens to me. Something magical. Do you know how they say “leave it on the field?” Well, I leave it on the street. I pass through the turnstile and all of a sudden I am unconcerned. I am unconcerned with anything! Money means nothing. My job is a distant, foggy idea. I am at a baseball game! I feel like a kid. I have this excitement level in my chest. I am just happy! Man, I love baseball. It is a rush. It is a high for me.

We sat Rockpile. It was buttcold. We only stayed through 5. And we did not see the part where the Dodgers came back from a 3-0 deficit and trounced us 11-6. Man, I am glad that we left! Pics will be coming soon. I was very happy to have an opening day 2008. Especially with Jp, Summer, Josh and Chris. What a great night!


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You left a game early? Oh, for shame for shame. 🙂

Comment by Scot Marion

i think you leaving is why they lost…

…thanks. way to represent and hold down the fort while i’m out of town!

Comment by Jami

thanks for the hyperlink! haha

Comment by joshmickelson

Yay! I can visualize your electric joy and euphoria. The smell of the freshly cut grass… the echo of the cheers, the music, the huge scoreboard with graphics and stats and hints for the crowd to cheer… Mmmmm. Yessssss. it’s your never never land.

Comment by obedientson

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