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Weird Day
May 12, 2008, 5:13 pm
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Ever have a weird day? I am right, smack-dab in the middle of one right now. Just odd. Just strange. Did get a cool chance to talk to the one, the only Jimmy Lakey today! Mark and I walked in from lunch and he was standing right there doing a walk-through of our lovely church building. Jimmy is awesome. I so want to be like Jimmy, I can’t even lie about that. But I will settle for being The Hosh. 

Chris Gilbert is running around the church. So I got to talk to him today. That is a treat. 

Last week, I had a GREAT meeting with P. Aaron which I will blog more about later.

Have you ever been in a phase where it is obvious and feels obvious that God is doing so much in your life, He is speaking a lot? I am in that phase. I am a little frustrated right now, because I am not 100% sure what He is telling me. But I will get some quiet time later tonight and hopefully that will clear it up.

Also, one last thing. I realize that I have not been as focused on this blog as I should be lately. The deal is this: I have been trying very hard to do better at my job. I need to be the best danged admin I can possibly be for the rest of the month of May. SO, I am not blogging at work. Right now, I have the church MacBook Pro so I will be blogging at night, but I will try to get back with some more consistency.


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That’s cool you saw Jimmy! I miss that guy

Comment by joshmickelson

Thanks for blogging! I understand at needing to focus at work…gotta go!

Comment by

not blogging at work? well done, sir. I need to take a clue from you. i understand the weird time with God, that usually means that something is coming for you Hoshi. Change is on the way in some form. pretty exciting and frustrating all at the same time.

Comment by thatgirlkate

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