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Structure Needed Please
June 9, 2008, 4:22 pm
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This summer has brought a lot of change to my life. Things are still swirling around in my world. There are office transitions, role transitions, questions about everything right now are in abundance. A few things that I am noticing about myself are that this makes me uncomfortable and that I do not function terribly well. 

Discomfort. That is the name of the game for me at my job right now. I am just out of sorts. I am not relaxed. I am not as confident as I could be. I have discovered that order is very important to me. I am fairly spontaneous in some ways about some things, however in other ways I need order. For example, I tend to order the same things at restaurants. Another example is my room. After my room was completely demolished by my so-called friends, co-workers and PASTORS on Friday night, I simply HAD to get it all put back last night. It took me over an hour to get it all cleaned, vacuumed and everything back in order – it was then and only then that I could sit in my chair and begin to relax for the evening. And that was after 11:15! Needless to say, that is how I am thinking about my job right now as well. I probably will not be happy and/or comfortable until I am in my new office, organized and ready to roll. (That will be awhile still.)

Functioning. I need structure. I function very very well when I know who is in charge, what we are doing and what I am supposed to do. Right now, I know who is in charge. I know what we are doing. But I am not 100% on all that I am supposed to do. That is alright, but makes me a touch uncertain.

How do you handle change/uncertainty?


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I’m really sorry about your room. Now I feel bad!

I don’t handle change well either….sorry again!

Comment by

Change is hard on everyone, doubt even harder.

Common theme here and here?”

Oh, and on the whole structure and order, you’re a Brage, it’s genetic!

Comment by Sue

If dad is going to use my computer he needs to learn to use his own name. Previous comment from him…

Comment by Sue

If Mom if going to let me use her computer she needs to remind me to use my own name.

Comment by Mark

I can totally relate. Sounds like we are very similar when it comes to our environments and how we function.

Comment by Ruth

you’re a champ. just keep breathing through all this. i, too, tend to freak out with crazy uncertainty. but we think a lot clearer and can hear God better when we stop the swirling in our heads. take time out, yosh, to really seek Peace right now.

Comment by pb&shelley

crazy shenanigans..what kind of pastors do you have working there?!

Comment by thatgirlkate

[…] seems to be a common theme between Whitney and Ellissa. This is interesting in light of the many changes I see others dealing with, and change of course is challenging and […]

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