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Burn Out
June 25, 2008, 10:54 am
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“Guys ask me, ‘don’t you ever get burnt out?’ And I say, ‘How can you get burned out doing something you love? I mean do you ever get tired of kissing a pretty girl?” – Tommy Lasorda

GREAT leadership quote. I was thinking about this over the weekend as I was talking to someone who was starting to protect themselves against burnout a little bit. There is nothing wrong with that, we MUST live balanced, healthy lives – especially as leaders/ministers. I know that I have to try and stay balanced, do my laundry, not push so hard all the time, etc. . .

BUT, I also realized that since Wednesday August 8, I have been in Catalyst every Wednesday night. With the exception being the holidays when Catalyst was not held. I thought about my life and realized that I am just fine. Today, I am just as excited for Wednesday night as I usually am, if not more so. I love what I do. I get excited every week for this moment. It is thrilling to me. Remnant is thrilling to me. Catalyst is exhilarating. I don’t think that it is going to get old anytime soon…


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“how could you ever get burned out of doing the thing you love?”
I think we get burned out because we’re doing too much “stuff,” not doing too much of what we care about.

Comment by seanmichaelbrage

This made me really happy to read.
I focus on the details and not on the basics…

Comment by obedientson

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