Josh Brage

July 8, 2008, 11:56 pm
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I don’t like it… I need to get better at it. It is a character flaw of mine. I like winning and I hate losing. Period. This is my losing face… [not a good one] How do I get better?


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I know you hate losing but it is just a part of life! But you are a winner and you try really, really, really hard. Thats what really counts 🙂

Comment by elissabudd

Hey Hosh,
Maybe you should make a blog about winning but you would have to start winning before you made a blog about it so you could have a face that shows that you won!

Comment by Daniel Budd

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this look before. It truly is nasty!!!!

Comment by Justin

You know better than this; you never learn to like losing and losing is not “to get better at!” Now how you handle losing when it occasionally happens and how you learn from it and use it to win the next time, that is something “to get better at.”

Comment by Mark

We’ve never noticed this about you, Josh. How do you get better at losing? Change your competitive nature I guess. Is that possible? If so, teach me, too…

Comment by Sue

What did you loose at?

Comment by wkvancil

Whitney, it doesn’t matter with Josh. Who got to the door first; who ate the hottest wings; who put their hat on fastest. In fact, there does not need to be anyone else involved at all; he can “lose” when trying to tie both shoes in less than 8 seconds.

And yes, now he try to beat two shoes in 8 seconds before the day is over. Ask him tonight!

Comment by Mark

already did. 7.2 seconds.

Comment by thehosh

You are a Husker – losing is something that shouldn’t happen to Huskers. Period. Don’t let it happen again.

Comment by annettebudd

Wow, Mama Budd laying a smack down? Good day to be.

Comment by seanmichaelbrage

i used to be awful at losing – really terrible. I was mean, hateful, vengeful & turned into the human porcupine. I’m better now, but is that such a good thing? i think you pick what’s important to win on bc not everything is worth winning.

Comment by sarahbowling

Yeah, that was brutal, but I am suddenly inspired to wear red from head to toe and light a candle in my Tom Osborne shrine.

Comment by Mark Thomas

I bet you would get better at dealing with losing if you could just STOP LOSING.

Comment by JD

JD getting all over it with heavy body shot. Add Annette Budd for the tag team “Hosh” Slam and about all you can do is POST SOMETHING ELSE TO GET OUT OF THE HOLE YOU ARE IN.

It’s getting painful watching this.

Comment by Mark

This is the face you make when i’m in sight…
does that mean i’m winning?

Comment by Evan K

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