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Creative Chaos Thursday – Time Lapse
July 10, 2008, 10:44 pm
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I do not get credit for this one. Mark came up with the idea and got the footage. I stumbled around with Final Cut until it gave up and just shot out the video I was trying to accomplish out of pity for my skills.

We shot a time lapse of Catalyst last night. I think it is fun. Shelley’s commitment is something that all of us should aspire too. She was in the shot for over 20 minutes. Purely awesome.


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I think this is probably THE greatest thing I have ever seen. Pure and simple…I LOVE IT!

Comment by Sarah

1)Man the Catalyst people move fast.
2)If you did this in the childrens church you would only need about 30 seconds of live video, slowed down, to make this.
3)If you did this in the adult service you would need about 8 weeks to get enough activity to make this.
On a serious note, I love from the 3:45 mark, which is the end of the service, to the end watching the socializing and interaction. If anyone ever questions if this is “church” enough just show them that.

Comment by mbrage

very cool!

Comment by joshmickelson

Thank you MacBook Pro for doing that so seamlessly. Really cool.

Comment by JD

shelley: rock. star.

Comment by seanmichaelbrage

my hard work paid off! plus Kate, Judi, and my hula outfits made it into the lapse with 6 seconds left! YES. YES. YES!!

Comment by pb&shelley

Need final cut help?

Comment by Evan K

heck yes, I could use all the final cut help I can get! Come talk to me!

Comment by thehosh

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