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The Beginning of the Bo Pelini Era
August 30, 2008, 10:32 pm
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In Lincoln, we don’t talk in terms of years, seasons, or even decades . . . we talk about eras. We all miss the Dr. Tom era desperately. We are hoping to rapidly forget the B.C. era. Why do we do this? Because football is not entertainment, it is history.

Tonight here was the scene at Fox and Hound. Epic.

Without exaggeration, there were probably close to 500 people packed in my local Fox and Hound. (Shh, don’t tell the Fire Marshall.) You could tell that Husker football people are ready again. As Jim Rome commented after interviewing Bo, “I bet there are people in Omaha and Lincoln ready to run through a wall for this guy.” Jim you are right my friend.

Now onto the game.

Overall analysis, we have a lot of work to do. A lot. If today’s game was against Missouri, we would have been handed our heads, given a polite tennis clap, tiny pat on the back, told good game and grandmas would have wept. (Mine especially.) This level will simply not win us the Big 12. Not by a long shot.

Things I loved:

  • Intensity (I expected it and I got it. We looked like a completely different team than last year! We looked like we actually liked to play football!)
  • Joe Ganz! Holy cow did he look good. 4 tds through the air! He made good reads, looked comfortable and I am not going to lie and say that my heart didn’t flutter when he broke the option left for about 30. 1Also the first NU QB to have 4 300+ yard passing games and we can be certain that he will have a few more.
  • Our defensive line! 8, countem 8 rushing yards from the opponent!
  • Getting to the quarterback.
  • Our offensive line. We had great success running the football. Ganz was comfortable because the line was giving him ample time to make reads.
  • The overall look, feel and confidence of our team.
  • 500 people at Fox and Hound

Things I did not love:

  • An apparent lack of disciple, especially on defense. This can be expected with the amount of energy they were playing with and you can be equally sure that it is not something that Bo is going to put up with.
  • Our big play ratio. I got very very weary of seeing them break about 6 nice long pass plays. Something needs to change in the secondary by next week. Again, Missouri is a heckuva lot better than W. Mich. and will eat that crappy coverage for breakfast. And then write a thank you note.
  • The second half.
  • That crazy chick who came in late with her whooped “hubby”, got in the way, was loud, complained and then got everything comped. She was stupid and I did not like her.

All in all, it was a GREAT opener to an era. A win is definitely a win! I would like to see 8 more this year, but we DEFINITELY need to improve significantly in some major areas.


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Wow-I didn’t know which post to comment under, but I feel like I’ve found a very rare find-a blog about the Huskers and conservative poltics, which are my two biggest passions. I saw this linked on Hugh Hewitt’s blog, and I might not have looked at it if not for his mention of your status as a Nebraska fan. I’ve already bookmarked this site. Go Big Red and Go McCain-Palin!

Comment by Ken

Ken, thanks for coming by! I appreciate your readership! I simply believe in being american and to me that means husker football and conservatism.

Comment by thehosh

Funny, I hated this about Lincoln when I lived there. Now, its one of the things I really miss.

Comment by aaronzimmer

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