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It’s the End of the Rockies Season . . .
September 22, 2008, 10:35 pm
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Thank you to Bad Altitude for putting my synopsis of the Rockies season (and my relationship with them) into great words. I was going to write up my year end post, but he already did a better job.

As another ignominious Rockies season screeches to a halt, it’s hard not for me to feel miserable — more so than usual. Not only did Colorado completely waste 2008, including a career year from Aaron Cook and another tick towards the free agency clock on Matt Holliday, I wasted it too. I barely made it to any games and I mostly only caught the last few innings of games on TV when I had enough energy to do so. Rockies management put little to no effort into this season, so I didn’t give much back.

Colorado never even sniffed contention in a division that’s even worse than it was last year. That’s pretty embarrassing. I was embarrassed to be a Rockies fan this spring, as they rolled out of spring training with a rotation mostly unfit to be pitching in the big leagues and made no effort to correct this oversight at the trade deadline. The attitude around Coors Field’s office block seemed to be, “We have their money already,” with regard to the fans, and the product on the field reflected it. How depressing.

Anyway, in a week or so I can put aside being a Rockies fan until the end of the playoffs and just enjoy being a baseball fan again.


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Josh, for the first time in many many years, I feel your pain. The Yanks will be at home this October and it hurts!

Comment by Paul

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