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Those Were Not My Huskers
October 5, 2008, 10:44 am
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Last night was a very very difficult evening for me. Even writing this the next morning is hard. Those are not my Huskers. Bo needs to get some stuff together and quickly. I understand not having the right players. I even understand not winning right now, but if we are going to lose, we cannot lose like that. We lost a classless game last night. Two weeks in a row, I have watched an extremely undisciplined team behave like a team from Florida. Is Bowden coaching this team? 14 penalties!?! 14!!??! 14 for over 100 yards! That is ridiculous. Rumors of our players spitting at the Missouri players?!~? This is NOT NEBRASKA FOOTBALL. Bo, get control of your team. I understand that this is not the best Nebraska team, but lose with class, poise, honor and respect and you will have the state behind you. More loses like this and we are going to get very tired very quick. You do get props for your attitude, I appreciate that you hate losing – I hate losing. I appreciate that you immediately take the blame for the loss instead of blaming your players, like Billy C. I appreciate your not giving in and rolling over for the 4th quarter.


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There is no way in the world all of those penalties were legitimate. The officials simply are not calling things both ways-I saw all kinds of pushing and shoving by Missouri players and a cheap shot on Joe Ganz on the first TD pass that were never called. And as for the supposed spitting incident-if it really happened(which I have my doubts), then come out and say who it was because I think we the fans would like to know. If they can’t come out and say who it was, then either it must not be that big of a deal or it didn’t really happen. Shut up and try to learn how to win with class.

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