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Follow Up – Huskers Were Not Spitting
October 7, 2008, 8:23 am
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Follow up to Those Were Not My Huskers

Alright, to be fair to my boys, Husker Mike is reporting that these accusations were false. I do find it interesting that there appears to be so much bad blood between those Mizzoo Tigres and the Huskers, maybe Chase is just a bad sport or something, I don’t know. It appears that both coaches investigated and found no truth in his statement. So, while that can be withdrawn, my point that 14 penalties is unacceptable stands. In my mind, Bo has plenty of time to get us winning (like 4-5 years in my opinion) I would really like to see us drop the bad attitudes and the penalties.

Man, we need some talent on defense. I would have loved to have been at the practice where Bo, probably in frustration with his defense, just flat starts looking around the field shouting, “Can anyone here play linebacker!?” as Cody Glenn starts walking onto the field with a beam of light coming from heaven. That is not a good narrative on the defensive talent he was given to work with. But, we will be back!


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