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“Yeah, Lost, That’s Lame”
October 20, 2008, 11:24 am
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Last night a friend of mine saw me wearing my shirt from our retreat last year, LOST. It is a decent enough shirt. He was excited, “Oh man, is that a Lost shirt that is really cool, where did you get it?!” I told him that it was from church and what not. “Oh, Yeah, Lost, That’s Lame.”

Publically, I declare that I am not going to knock off famous, public, trendy marketing anymore. iCulture, will be the end of it.


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Hosh, I’m sorry. I thought it was really cool. whoever said it was lame can bite a chubby one.

Comment by seanmichaelbrage

I actually used to have a “lost” sweatshirt and when I started going to church, I got scared that if I wore it, people would think I wasn’t saved and then I’d be expected to raise my hand for the altar call. My fear actually lead to me never wearing one of the most comfortable sweatshirts of all time out in public for almost a year. Ahhh the phobias of a newbie.
(Also, I was in a sorority in college… so if it makes you feel any better, I used to own like 20 shirts with faux beer labels that somehow said Delta Gamma on them. That has to make you hold your head up a bit higher. Please note that I said “USED TO OWN”. Not “CURRENTLY OWN”.)

Comment by laceyellen

Ok, I lied, I think I still own one. But it’s like the most comfortable t-shirt of all time. And I only sleep in it. And only like once a year. And I’m going to go get rid of it now….
Who am I kidding? I’m keeping it. FOREVER.

Comment by laceyellen

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