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The End of An Era
October 27, 2008, 11:54 am
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“Are you on your way to minister or ministering on your way?”.

This has been the resounding question in my head all of this week. Along with “Hold everything loosely.” Ministry is an interesting entity. It requires so much from you. It requires virtually everything that you have emotionally, mentally, spiritually and often physically. Balance is hard. Keeping the right priorities is difficult. Keeping your own life separate is damn near impossible (at least for me.)

Last Monday, I was let go from ORCC and Catalyst.

This was somehow not surprising, however it was also very difficult to hear. Throughout the day, I was both relieved and pissed off. Wednesday sucked, I felt unwanted and unneeded. By the end of the week, I calmed down and have now become far more resolute.

I am going to go to school. I am going to read my Bible more. I am going to get a better job. I am going to work on building some freelance design clients. I am going to continue to impact Catalyst in whatever ways I know how! I am going to offer my creativity, my passion, my excitement and my gifts to continue to help further the Kingdom to the youth culture of Denver. None of that has changed! In a lot of ways, I am free. Free to just go be me.

It is not going to be easy. “But with God’s help, I shall become myself!” The largest thing that I will miss sorely is working everyday with my best friend, Mark. That truly sucks. I will miss working with the interns daily. But that will all be alright. I still see Mark plenty! The interns are about to start getting schooled by me at Axis and Allies on a consistent basis. And above all of this, I trust the Lord, I am chasing Him and He is chasing me! Hey, sometimes you can’t have your cake and eat it too, well, maybe for a little while.

“I flew too close to the sun on wings of pastrami.”


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walk on buddy, it was a heck of a ride.

Comment by Bone

Josh…now you get to have a dream job and still be in ministry – YOU REALLY CAN HAVE IT ALL! I consider myself in full time ministry even though I work at ProLogis. Volunteering can be really fulfilling and you can do it on your own terms. I’m excited for this next chapter in your life!

Comment by

I was just reading something that you mind find encouraging during this time. Enjoy and Absorb:

“The man himself is best able to judge concerning his present strength, and weight this or that argument has upon his heart to stand or fly….Do not fly out of slavish fear, but rather because flying is an ordinance of God, opening a door for the escape of some, which door is opened by God’s providence, and the escape countenanced by God’s Word. Matthew 10:23….If, therefore, when though has fled, thou art taken, be not offended at God or man: not at God, for thou art his servant, thy life and thy all are his; not at man, for he is but God’s rod, and is ordained, in this, to do thee good. Hast thou escaped? Laugh. Art thou taken? Laugh. I mean, be pleased which way soever things shall go, for that the scales are still in God’s hand.”
-John Bunyan quoted in John Piper’s “Don’t Waste Your Life”

I understand you did not choose to “fly” from your position at ORCC, but rather it was imposed on you. Still I see the value in this quote for you.

I miss you around here, Hoshi. It broke my heart when I heard.

Comment by thatgirlkate

Hosh, I’m excited for you. This could, quite possibly, turn out to the best thing that has happened to you (career wise).

Comment by Mark Thomas

Speaking of beginnings, how’s Bonnie treating ya? (You get the girl desk, I call dibs on the boy desk).

Comment by Lacey Ellen

love you, man.

Comment by joshmickelson

This is a great attitude to have going into this new season of your life. And I know I don’t have to remind you that you have tons of friends who love you, support you, pray for you, and believe in you. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you.

Comment by Mel Mendoza

Yeah Josh, you are a huge inspiration to me man. Judi said it best, volunteering is worth while man, nobody can keep your creativity down, you are free to impact lives in ways that you could never have imagined before. Your impact is seen here at my church and the ministry I am working on in my city. Keep on using the gifts that God has blessed you with. Rock on brother!

Comment by southsanyouthnews

Hosh, I wish you all the best bro. A lot of people are going through a change of seasons right now. Keep God first place in your life and you won’t regret it. Good luck with the freelance stuff.

Comment by ag3ntsmith

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