Josh Brage

Heat Wave in the Mile High City
August 1, 2008, 8:06 pm
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Is not that bad. Heat here is nothing like heat in Nebraska. Absolutely nothing like it. But, hey, let’s be honest 100 degrees is hot no matter where you are at. It has been hot. Yesterday I spent it at Water World with my most favorite group of people ever, Remnant! It was a blast! Water slides a mile high! THUNDER BAY! Come on! Plus the sheer awesomeness of spending a day with Nate. That is amazing. 

Today, Mark and I helped move his in-laws. They are truly amazing. I didn’t feel like I did anything for them at all. I felt like they poured into me somehow. Absolutely awesome. I am going to start having Kathy (spelling Judi?) pray for life. I think God listens to her. 

It has been a great day. Just an update post. Talk to you soon.