Josh Brage

Sarah Rocks

Sarah Palin rocked it tonight! First off, let me outline my responses and then I will share the best of the texts and twitters that I received all night…

We must remember that this debate was solely about Sarah. All eyes were on her. We know Biden. We know who he is. This debate was her’s to lose or to win. While I do not have an opinion on who won, she definitely won her end of the debate. What I mean by that is that she did not lose. She stayed calm, let her charisma shine, had straightforward and consistent answers and most importantly did not freeze. She did not make any mistakes. She did not lose her composure. Most importantly, I believe that she showed America that she is ready for this job.

She seemed to start out nervously, but I was extremely surprised at how quickly she gained her composure. his smugness made me want to punch him. I was simply waiting for the eyeroll – it never came. She consistently talked about what she had done, what she believed, how she will act. That allowed her to appear confident and ready to lead. He stayed with the strategy of defending Obama (she was critical most of the time) and attacking McCain. She proved herself to a lot of people tonight. She solidified herself to me. It also seemed to be that she was holding herself back at times, this chick is sure one heck of a fighter!

My favorite part of this debate was the same place where Sarah seemed to gain her confidence and accelerated the momentum in her way – during the foreign policy portion. She stayed on the offense, did not allow Joe to skirt issues and most importanty declared the McCain position the we are going to finish the war in the correct way.

Here is a sampling of the reactions I was receiving on my Blackberry throughout the debate:

flowerdust – “seriously, can’t look at Palin now without thinking “Tina Fey”
denverintranslation – “If I hear Biden (or Obama for that matter) say the phrase “fundamental difference” one more time I might just explode.”
me – “GREAT answer on foreign policy!!”
denverintranslation – “
It’s funny how all politicians move to the Right in these debates. All of a sudden it’s “tax cuts for everyone.”
tbone – “doing well, better than I thought. an hour to go.”
tbone – “unless someone gets caught up in something I don’t see much coming from this thing one way or another.”
me – “
Drill baby drill!!! Go get em sarah!”
denverintranslation – “
Such poise! Go Sarah.”
denverintranslation – “
Slow Joe Biden living up to his name. He’s flustered now!”
denverintranslation – “
Biden looks like a Muppet…The eagle guy!”
me – “Sarah is gaining some serious ground in the foreign policy issues! She is gaining confidence.”
flowerdust – “
I wish Biden would throw out a little wink. That would rock!”
denverintranslation – “
Biden: “Me sleeeepy….need Wheel Of Fortune and footbath.””
denverintranslation – “
Not looking forward to Tom Bwohcaw officiating the next debates.”
Shelley – “Woohoo for the vp debate! Palin did great! Incredible debator!!”
hugh – “
The one great line of the debate: “It is so obvious that I am a Washington outsider,” Palin says, “someone not used to the way you guys operate” as she points out Joe Biden’s attempt to doubletalk his way to Obama’s position.”

Overall, again I feel that it was a GREAT night for her. She stuck to the areas where she is comfortable.