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The Ebb and Flow of Football and Food
October 20, 2008, 8:21 am
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Yep, that is the descriptive quote from my birthday weekend, actually from most of my fall weekends. I won’t attempt to be dramative and try to convince you of how cathartic it to watch football all weekend – I am a guy, I like sitting in my chair and watching football. Period.

Thanks to all who sent me birthday wishes! Thanks to my AWESOME folks for hosting a GREAT birthday party! It was a blast! Although I do not like playing games with Shelley anymore.

Huskers dominated a weak team. Hey, a win is a win and we looked good. It was nice to see a defense shutting down cutback lanes and making tackles. And it is great to see a high-effiency, high-scoring offense.

Sorry I haven’t been writing more. I have been fairly caught up in Catalystlife. But I will work harder this week!


Lincoln Baby!
July 4, 2008, 1:36 pm
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Here I am in Lincoln, enjoying full grown oak trees, leaves, perfect 4th of July weather and quiet neighborhoods. Most of all I am enjoying my family! Last night on the drive in we were able to witness the town of York’s firework spectacular. It was awesome!

Here I am with a pair of my cousins. . . (more pics uploaded later on my Flickr. . .)