Josh Brage

Oh to Lead Hank Hill’s Life
October 23, 2008, 11:01 am
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I would like to live a life that is this straight forward and simple. This picture kind of already reminds me of my friends and I. Unfortunately, that either makes me Bill or Boomhauer. Here are some amazing Hank quotes. (thanks Craig!)

“Dang it Bobby, your mom and I had our wedding pictures taken in front of that fence!”

Bobby: “You’d never make it in LA.” Hank: “Dang it, I hope I never make it to LA!”

“Ginseng tea?? I’m not gonna get hopped up on dope!”

(…as he gets handed a cigar.)
“Don’t mind if I — oh, you probably didn’t realize this, but this is Cuban. I’ll just go ahead and destroy it for you.”

“Why would anyone ever smoke weed when they could just mow a lawn?”

(referring to Ronald Reagan)
“I miss voting for that man.”

“A poodle? Why don’t you just get me a cat and a sex change operation?”

(Answering Bobby’s questions about PMS)
“Bobby, some things are like a tire fire, trying to put it out only makes it worse. You just gotta grab a beer and let it burn.”

“Bobby, from now on when I ask you how your day was, what I mean is ‘how was shop’?”

“You can’t just pick and choose which laws to follow. Sure I’d like to tape a baseball game without the express written consent of major league baseball, but that’s just not the way it works.”