Josh Brage

I Feel Overwhelmed…
July 8, 2008, 1:25 pm
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But in a really good way. Recently I have been made the Production Coordinator for Catalyst Student Minstries. This is ridiculously exciting for me. At the same time, I sit in my office on days like today and quickly become overwhelmed. There is so much to do! So much to build. So much to think about, plan for and then engage in.

And that is where I feel trapped. . . the engagement. It is so much easier to sit back, have ideas, read blogs and just wait for the right moment. The world can be scary. Today, I am thinking through building a Catalystlife online presence. This is scary to me for multiple reasons, one we do not have one. Two, I don’t know how to do it! But you know what? We will figure it out. I will follow Jesus. That is what is so cool about following God, especially in ministry. Nothing surprises Him. Nothing catches Him off guard. The internet doesn’t overwhelm Him. The ever-changing flow of technology and information doesn’t phase Him. He is.

So today, I am choosing to shake off the potential to get paralyzed with the thought of ‘what should I do.’ And rather, engage. I am going to engage the culture. Thanks Jean-Luc.