Josh Brage

Have I Mentioned that I Like Sarah Palin for VP?

thanks Hugh for summing up why:

“Short version: With this pick the future of the Republican Party is securely conservative, pro-life, pro-family, pro-military and strong on national defense, pro-Second Amendment, pro-property rights, pro-free market, pro-energy exploration and anchored in outside-the-Beltway┬áReaganism.”

Also, from Hugh’s article, here are the big 6 reasons why Sarah Palin is exciting and energizing The Party:

  1. Over the past month we have gone from hoping Senator McCain would win to thinking he might actually be able to win.
  2. Sarah Palin is a real deal conservative, down the line, on all of the issues.
  3. The Palin pick guarantees that the party will remain a conservative party long-term.
  4. The GOP already owned the energy issue and and the energy issue dominates and will continue to dominate the next 60 days.
  5. Sarah Palin is not a Beltway Republican.
  6. Sarah Palin is young enough to be a bridge to the next generation, and with five kids, she has been living in the world of young moms and technology-dependent teens.

more to come. . .