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Flight 93
April 27, 2006, 3:00 pm
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Flight 93

This weekend I will be going to see Flight 93. There are many reasons that I will go. I will go out of honor for men and women who helped protect my country. I will go to remember why we are engaged in the most atrocious and degrading facets of the human race – war. I will go to stir myself, not to anger, but to remember why we fight for what we fight for. I will go to ensure that my most dangerous enemy – complacency – is once again driven back into obscurity.

I highly encourage you to go see it. Allow yourself to be stirred. Allow yourself to feel the emotion. Allow yourself to experience the courage. Allow yourself to grow thankful for what you have. Allow yourself to engage in a world outside of you, your house, car and your commute.

Thank God for freedom.


Way to go Tony!
April 26, 2006, 2:09 pm
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Tony Snow has been named the new press secretary for the White House. Way to go Tony!

This is a great move for the White House. Tony is one of the best personalities out there. Congratulations!

Behold the Q’Doba Let Down
April 21, 2006, 7:53 pm
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Well, the place of Q’Doba in burrito hell has been cemented. To honor a friend of mine I did everything that I could to keep my mind open to this entire mockingbird concept of Q’Doba, after all ‘THEY HAVE QUESO!’ However, today was the final piece of rice in my burrito called ‘dissatisfaction’.

I left work today at lunchtime anxious for a burrito. It had just been that kind of a morning. Due to limited options and immediate accessibility I was forced to patron Q’Doba in pursuit of any piece of Mexican food outside of a Chalupa.

I entered this establishment with a mild sense of skepticism and a small idea of betrayal to my morals and long-standing friendships that I have blogged about before. However, these externalities can not compare with what happened.

I stride confidently to the counter where I am greeted by an above-average looking blond, young lady, (That is The Hosh’s elusive, diplomatic, non-commitant way of saying she was cute) where I order a ‘Chicken, Queso Burrito.’ I move through the line chatting congenially with some fellow who was about to enjoy his naked burrito bowl.

After paying for my burrito I grab a cookie, a coke and head for the door. I sit in my car while I am moving through the car wash and unwrap my burrito. First things first – no queso. I ordered it, paid extra for the treasured and exhalted queso and now I find a complete absense of it. Moving on. Next I notice the extreme sparcity of actual pieces of chicken on my chicken burrito. Apparently Q’Doba’s chicken farm had been ravaged by the Bird Flu and so with that they ration out their chicken pieces to me at an extremely reduced rate. Finally everything, rice, chicken, salsa verde and cheese was completely and unceremoniously- cold.

With that final statement everyone who considers themself someone who knows anything about food, let alone burritos, realizes what a complete letdown this was for me. Q’Doba, Chipotle, El Parral, Chili’s, even Taco Hell – I don’t care who you are – it is an atrocious abomination to serve me a cold burrito. Lovers on either side of this debate will completely agree – this was inexcusable.

So all of this to say, I am completely done with Q’Doba. They broke my heart today, broke my heart. Fortunately I did not have high expectations to begin with. But let’s say it this way, we had our second date and Q’Doba, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” Tonight, Chipotle will be receiving some money from me and they will undoubtedly restore my enjoyment and relationship with the burrito.

Thank you Chipotle for being everything that I need you to be.

April 19, 2006, 3:00 pm
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Straw: World Not Split on Iran

The United States has been divided on the strategy of finishing this war on terrorism in Iraq. The United States has been divided on its opinions about why we went in the first place. The United States has been divided on how it wants to talk about its foreign policy. The United States has been divided on the border issue. The United States has appeared divided on a lot of issues and debates on a variety of issues.

The world sees this. The world sees this very clearly. The world recognizes this. Some see it as a weakness. Some see it as a strength. It can be both. We are a country where active, open debate of issues prevails.

It is a mistake however for anyone to think that the United States’s open debate and discussion of public policy is a weakness. It is also a mistake to think that we are a divided country. We will fight for what we believe in. We will fight to defend our freedoms. We will fight to defend our country and our country’s allies. This fight may be on the battlefield, the courtroom or the capitals and embassies of this world. It may involve tanks, justice, speeches, ideas and diplomacy. This fight may look a lot of different ways, but we will fight for what we know is right.

It is a mistake to think that the rest of the world is any different. It is a mistake to think that this world will sit back on its hands. It is a mistake to think that just because the United States has open conversations and debates that we are hesistate or unable to act. It is a mistake to think that the world would be the same way.

Iran it is a mistake to pursue nuclear armament. The United States will not stand for it, neither will the world.

Deep Thoughts – Widgets
April 19, 2006, 2:49 pm
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Well a lot of things change in a year. It is getting close to a full year now since AuXano ended its 5th and final year. I miss a lot of things, I miss traveling, I miss being up all the time, I miss Desperately. However, something I miss the most is working with a good friend of mine, Cheyenne.

Cheyenne still works at WOLC something that she was well known for (and probably still is) is her wonderful daily providings of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey. I miss these little quotes of complete randomness that would puncuate my work day both from her telling me or from her leaving notes on the note pad that she had specially made with Deep Thoughts plastered across the top of the page. So I have added a widget to my desktop. If you don’t know what a widget is – you should. I love Yahoo Widget Engine here at work, all sorts of things cover my desktop and are accessible at the click on a button.

So I have added a Deep Thought widget and I try to include my work friends in all of this madness. It makes the day seem just that much more fun. Today’s Deep Thought is below.

If God lives inside of us, like some people say, I sure hope he likes enchiladas, because that’s what He’s getting.

April 19, 2006, 1:50 am
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Renewed favorite blog link. This is one of my favorite blogs. It has been inspired by the book, that I also found to be interesting. Something that everyone should check out is an introduction to Psalms written by Bono. You can find the link on the blog or below.

U2 Sermons on Blogspot
Psalm Like It Hot by Bono

Another Fine Example of This Online World
April 16, 2006, 6:09 am
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At work in my department, we recently added a person. She is very nice and quite fun. And to be honest, very useful in making my day more enjoyable with her ability to enjoy Seinfeld references and follow stupid lines of logic from Saturday Night Live sketches and other such nonsense.

However, here is what is funny. Our cubicles are directly across from each other. Literally our desks are approximately 4 feet apart. However, we don’t talk to each other. It is an understood thing. We don’t talk to each other. We email and that is fine. And we will chuckle quietly to ourselves if the other makes an unusually clever or even humorous reference, joke or quip in an email. But we very rarely speak.

That is just fine with me. The further I can sink into an online world, the closer I am to a complete retirement in London, Hawaii or a cabin in the mountains without people actually noticing that I am not where I should be. So, thank you Jessica.